About me

My Background

  I was born in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.  At a very young age I was introduced to nature and instantly grew a love for the forest and ocean. This became the foundation for my art. After years of observing the colours and textures of the outdoors, I was determined to capture the spirit of nature in my art. The finished art is both a  tactile experience and a visual one. I taught myself how each of the mediums I employ reacts with the other and through lots of trial and error I have created my own distinctive style. Each  piece is a one of a kind unique result of the floral or sea theme.

My Medium

All of my pieces use mixed mediums and media giving them texture and a sculpture feel. I will use anything from sticks and sand to leaves sea shells ferns flowers seaweed and anything else that will embrace the spirit of the outdoors in my art. Most of the art I create is done on repurposed materials, fence boards driftwood and boards from boats that I find while beach combing. I do some of my work on traditional canvas and cradle boards.